Our pumps

Our range of centrifugal pumps for water drainage


Minimised power consumption due to high hydraulic performance


Operational safety as per the low frequency of maintenance operations


Unrivalled durability thanks to feedback on 90 years of experience


100% repairable through wear-and-tear design allowing spare-part replacement in all worn areas

Line shaft pumps

In terms of operational safety, the vertical line shaft pump technology offers the dual benefit of having a partially immersed part, directly into the pumped liquid, and another positioned above the surface, for “electrical and mechanical training”.

These pumps, installed in wells, basins or through water intakes or direct abstractions, allow for disposal and pressure boosting, using a single machine. The high-flow range pumps up to 3m³/second, as a specific offer.

Single-stage pumps

Single-stage pumps are suited to all pumping applications that do not require a high pressure.
Their flow range extends from 100 to 3,000 l/s with delivery heads between 20 and 120 mW, according to the model.

The KL range is available for mounting, whether horizontal, vertical monobloc or vertical with a cardan shaft.

    Flow: de 100 à 3000 l/s
    Height: from 10 to 120 mW
    Execution: horizontal, vertical, vertical with a cardan shaft

Multistage pumps

Surface multistage pumps with double-bearing support are recommended to pump clear or slightly contaminated untreated water, which requires high pressure.

The M series multistage pumps can be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the binding fitting or layout constraints. The vertical alternative driven by cardan shaft is also available.

    Flow: 30 to 500 l/s
    Height: up to 400 mW
    Execution: horizontal, vertical, vertical with a cardan shaft

Immersed pumps

Immersed pumps are designed for pumping operations when the whole of the machine (pump and engine) can be fully immersed. This solution allows pumping through drilling, water intake and dewatering with neither suction condition constraints nor heavy civil works. The 4- and 6-pole immersed pumps (1,500 and 1,000 rpm/) are especially suitable for high-flow secure pumping in industrial operations .

The flow range extends from 30 to 500 l/s with delivery heads between 20 and 250 mW.

    Flow: from 30 to 500 l/s
    Height: up to 250 mW
    Execution: horizontal, vertical, booster in a sleeve

Custom made

PEME-GOURDIN has developed a unique expertise in custom-designed and -built installations. Whether they are hydraulic, mechanical and/or dimensional, we produce pumps which meet your specific requirements