Services and maintenance

For 20 years, PEME GOURDIN has developed a specific know-how in the field of maintenance and renovation of key centrifugal electro-pump units.

Through our network, we keep close to our customers and address their needs, whether for services in their pumping stations, or in our workshops to bring machines in service for many years up to standard, or upgrade them.

On-site works and services

Our dedicated teams offer a number of on-site services. Our customers expect a certain end result, which often requires taking over logistics, installation and commissioning issues. Our specialised technicians are entitled to take responsibility for a “turnkey” service, subject to the safety and environmental regulations

Workshop repairs and renovation

Remanufacturing (rehabilitation) is an industrialist’s job. All the skills and technical means are mobilised to implement the very principles of ecodesign;

  • energy efficiency, namely through the restoration of the original mechanical and hydraulic parts, and resetting of functioning to its best performance and improved surface processing;
  • durability by carefully extending the lifetime of equipment, thus averting the need for our clients to collect more raw material in nature